Our Hero Prints

Launched in 2010 with the brand and still available today

At this time six years ago, we launched the Banana Boxers business with four prints that have become iconic and synonymous with our brand. Without wanting to totally bore everybody, we wanted to give a little background about these prints, the first chapter of our story of which we are so proud of and what our customers seem to love so much.

When we launched, with the ambition to supply vibrant and completely unique boxer shorts for men, where there was a huge gap in the market, something we couldn’t find anywhere. In that year, we created a collection that have been so popular and have been reprinted many times, these included the namesake Banana Boxers, our Queen of Hearts, a small collection of checkered fabric, Check Mate, our Queen of Hearts and the iconic Queen Bee, this year we have all of these on our site having bought back the checks for the first time since we sold out after year one.

Banana Boxers Kids Boxer Shorts

Starting here with our iconic Banana Boxers, these have sold out and gone to reorder time and time again. The feedback has always varied, the more sensible prints like spots and stripes often appeal to some, however there is no doubt that these have been one of our most successful prints and we will continue to do them. Following our recent rebrand, it’s important for us to continue to provide what have become one of our most popular pairs, ensuring that our original branding remains woven into the brand and as we grow further and more and more people will have the opportunity to buy this product.