Check Mate


In the build up to the launch of the business we travelled all over India to talk to manufacturers, to understand materials and pick up inspiration. In this trip, we went to hundreds of fabric shops in Delhi, looking at fabrics and picking up ideas, in one particular shop we found and fell in love a check print and became insistent that we had this as one of our first pairs, the Check Mate. At the time we were still in the inception stages of the business so took a 5cm snip home for our scrap book. Six months later we managed to create a small collection of pairs from this unique material which sold out by the end of the year.

At that stage we had conversations to recreate it, no shops had any and we’ve not found it again. It sadly became clear it was going to be complicated to recreate this, we would have to create such huge numbers that a business the size of ours just couldn’t do and it’s something we’ve wanted to do since then, particularly as it was so popular and many people had asked for it.

This year, at the time of our rebrand and the launch of our new website, it’s exciting to have it back in stock and a sign of how much the business has grown, we wouldn’t have been able to do this until now as it’s been a huge investment and more complicated than any of our other fabrics.