All Rise for African Animals


Our Ems Ellies, named after my extremely beautiful sister, Emma, are back in stock.

I Wanted to talk a little bit about the prints we have done to date and what the inspiration is.

Rhinos, Flamingos, Rhinos and Giraffes to name a few. They are animals that have learned to survive in some of the most challenging environments on earth, for which we applaud them and are constantly inspired by, we hope they continue to do so in more and more unstable conditions and will continue to enjoy what they add to the Earth. Some of the ones we’ve celebrated to date, are a slice of Africa where we’ve had the pleasure of visiting,  an incredibly beautiful place and animals from this region, amongst many others inspire many of our prints.

As we grow as a business, our mission will focus more and more on these incredible animals, in celebration and support of……watch this space.

Happy Friday