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Banana Boxers – launched in 2010

Our Story

Growing up with a bunch of brothers (not bananas), I always faced the struggle come Christmas-time of what to buy them. What is a fun, fool proof present for a difficult-to-please boy?

After deep contemplation it hit me that boxer shorts was the answer. So on a frosty winter’s evening back in 2009, my mother and I set out in search of an eclectic selection of boxers to buy my much-in-need siblings. We traipsed the hectic high streets of London, trawling Oxford Street, Carnaby Street, even the cathedralic aisles of Westfield, but all we could find were bland, overpriced boxers touted by the same brands pushing the same designs. Its really no wonder boys are so bad at shopping.

With so little choice we left empty handed, dismayed by the dystopian world of boy’s boxer shorts. Why is it that ladies should have such a vast array of underwear choice and boys so little?

As a result of our disastrous Christmas shopping trip, I decided at that moment in time to found Banana Boxers. My simple aim was to provide unique, quirky and fun boxer shorts, without any compromise on quality or style, at a sensible price. Most important to me was to offer enough choice to tantalise both the seemingly straight-laced as well as the exquisitely eccentric.

With this mission in mind, the Banana Boxers team and I spent two years developing the best-shaped underwear, sending samples through to friends and family and adapting designs according to their (brutally) honest feedback. After much research across the web and the world, we discovered a unique source of cotton that ensures the softest of fits, flexibility, and aeration. We also happened upon a delightful team who lovingly apply our exclusive prints and patterns to the cloud-like fabrics and sow them into the cherished boxers you find today on our website.

Over the course of just three years, Banana Boxers has grown to stock twenty five distinct styles, blossomed into the children’s market, and even won the appreciative love of super fans and Banana lovers Bear Grylls, Harry Enfield and Julian Fellowes.

Always working with our original endeavour at heart, we hope to grow and ripen so that every boy can find his perfect pair of Banana Boxers, be it quirky or conventional, flamingos or elephants, love hearts or stripes. Most importantly, let there never be a dull Christmas present again.

Lottie Dodson
Founder of Banana Boxers